11 March 2012

11 Mar 2012: Hertford to Standon

Ten of us gathered in Hertford on a cool cloudy morning.  We set off up Port Hill to Bengeo where I took the usual left turn for Stonyhills. Once through here I decided to skip the ride through Sacombe Park and just take the road through Sacombe village.  Fortunately we managed to get across the busy A602 without too much hassle.

Gathering in Hertford
Leaving Tortoise Tea Rooms
We moved swiftly through Sacombe and onto Dane End and Nasty.  Here we took the quieter lane through Cherry Green and onto Westmill. We continued to Aspenden and then Buntingford where we took the right turn to Hare Street and the Tortoise Tea room.  The Tortoise certainly lived up to its name today!  I knew that the Cambridge CTC were going there so I deliberately got there early, which was a good job as just after we arrived another large group from the North Road CC arrived. 

After placing our orders we waited....and waited..and waited. Then the lights went out.... Not sure what was happening but the electricity kept going on and off and on again and eventually it just went off.  Most of the North Road CC left for the café in Buntingford, but fortunately I think most of us had had our drinks by then and it was just a matter of swapping hot food orders for cold.  Paying for them called for some mental arithmetic as the electronic till was out of action. (We have since had a nice email from the café to apologize).

Racing a pony & trap
Relaxing at The Star in Standon

We left Hare Street northwards and then turned right to Anstey where we crossed the Cambridge group (who must have been running very late as it was 11.45!).  (We heard later that, luckily for them, the electrical problems were fixed when they were at Hare Street).  At Anstey we headed to the Pelhams - we did all 3 - and then continued down to the traffic lights at Little Hadham.  After the lengthy wait we carried on across the lights and turned right at the Nags Head up to Wellpond Green and then Standon.  This was a change of venue as the Brown Bear at Braughing were only doing Sunday roasts.  The Star at Standon came to our rescue and we were made most welcome and offered baguettes and cyclists' sized main meals (bigger than a kiddie meal and smaller than motorist size!) all for a fiver.

Planning the route home

After a lunch in the sunny pub garden the majority of us crossed Standon Ford (via the footbridge!) and then headed towards Barwick and back into Hertford.

Stuart  11 Mar 2012

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