23 December 2012

23 Dec 2012: St Albans to Hemel

Ten of us gathered at the start awaiting our esteemed leader, when Richard appeared to tell us that he wasn’t really there.  At least, he couldn't lead the ride today.  So up stepped Carol to plan a route in 30 seconds flat and off we went.
Carol leading up Hogg End Lane
First of many floods

With so much rain lately we wondered which lanes would be passable.  We soon found our first flood coming off Gaddesden Row.  Then after dropping down to Trowley Bottom and back to Gaddesden Row, we had to half-crank for about 100 yards for the whole road through Dell Wood was flooded.  Amazingly, we still had dry feet when we arrived at Hudnall Corner for a welcome breakfast roll.
Longest flood on Clements End Lane
Sunshine in Ashridge Park
Then four of our less adventurous members departed for home, while we gallant few took advantage of our lack of Richard’s leadership and headed for a closer destination than was originally planned.  A pleasant ride through Ashridge Park followed in the sunshine, but we were soon back to badly flooded lanes at Frithsden.  The perils of leadership befell Carol on point duty as she kindly pointed out a deep hole hidden under the waters: warning us with a load yelp as she put her foot down to mark the spot.

A direct route to the Wetherspoons in Hemel followed, where we all resisted having another Christmas dinner.  Then it was up Bunkers Lane and a quick dash for home before the next wave of wet weather was able to hit us.
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Jon 23/12/2012

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