3 February 2013

03 Feb 2013: Hatfield to Wareside

Riders by river
Tracy leading along the Stort Valley
It was a return to frosty conditions for the morning start of our ride, but the road surfaces seemed dry and safe enough. Conditions though called for a certain caution. We took a fairly direct route east from Hatfield, soon passing through the hilly and thickly wooded lanes towards Hoddesdon. Then some industrial bits of the Lee valley and we were in the always excellent value Riverside Cafe at Dobbs Weir. 

This is a busy spot and popular with bikers, walkers, fishermen as well as cyclists, and it's easy to see why. From here our lunch stop was fairly close using a direct route, so instead Jon guided us along the Stort path to Roydon (a new bit of cycle path to me).  At Roydon most of us continued along the Stort path, but some, put off this route by the frequent gates, picked up the main road instead. The main group took a delightful route crossing Hunsdon Mead nature reserve and eventually emerged on the fringes of Harlow. The surface of the path was excellent for cycling throughout. Then, following the very quiet and winding back lanes, we passed through Allen's Green and Green Tye, to meet up with our break away group in Wareside. 

The Chequers is the way a pub should be and often isn't these days. We were able to take over the comfortable back parlour. It was so comfortable that dragging ourselves out to cycle back home into the cold wind was postponed several times.  Eventually we were off again, all heading to Ware and Hertford at first and then dispersing in various directions home. It had been a great day out.

3 Feb 2013

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