22 August 2015

22 Aug 2015: Saturday ride to Whitwell

A lovely morning for a beginners' ride and seven of us set off from Jenny's Cafe in Hatfield bound for Emily's Cafe in Whitwell (I wonder if Jenny and Emily have ever met?).  Here were Nick and Sally again (soon to join CTC after their 3rd rides) and Madeleine and Tony on their second rides.  Rona of 5MTF fame came along for the ride in her new Billie Fleming shirt with Neil leading the bunch and Jon keeping in his rightful place at the rear.

Two women cyclists  
Man in CTC shirt
          Rona & Madeleine                                       Jon has been looking after cyclists since 1878

We were soon onto the lovely leafy lane through Symondshyde Woods and twiddling through Coleman Green and down to Wheathampstead.  Neil was keen to test us on some gentle climbs and it was a longish drag out of the village and up to Gustard Wood, then another climb to Tower Hill to be rewarded by a swift descent to the cafe in Whitwell for a well earned break.

Outside the cafe in Whitwell
Relaxing at Emily's cafe in Whitwell

As we headed for home Nick sped ahead and captured a few frames on his helmet camera - fame on Youtube at last.

It was an easier ride back and after Lemford the Harpenden contingent bade us farewell and took a direct route back via Wheathampstead while we returned to Hatfield having completed just over 21 satisfying miles.

Jon 23/08/2015


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