5 June 2016

05 Jun 2016: St Albans to Naphill

Our select group felt distinctly under-dressed standing at the war memorial in St Albans.  At least the racing boys weren’t there to witness our wimpish shivering, as the café opposite had claimed the pavement with an array of outside tables and chairs where they usually gather.  Like us the café was expecting the promised warm, sunny day, but it was cold with low cloud as we set off down the hill towards the River Ver.

dog lazing in the sun outside pubOne advantage of letting Steve H lead a ride into the Chilterns is that hills are definitely on the menu and there would be no shortage today.  Very scenic they were too, although the need to concentrate hard on some of the steep narrow lanes didn’t leave much time for sight seeing.

The lanes were virtually deserted as we swept though Bedmond, Bovingdon and Belsize and we were thoroughly warmed up after the ascent of Stony Hill into Little Chalfont.  Ozzy’s Café was a welcome break with fast service, although a smattering of Polish might have been useful when trying to order lemon tea (as we discussed whether to Brexit or not to Brexit).

The sun finally broke through on the next leg and it was a lovely route in the sunshine as we climbed up and down through Winchmore Hill, Penn Street and Great Kingshill and suddenly we’d arrived at Naphill and the award winning Wheel pub with its over-friendly pub dog.

Inside Poppins Cafe Chesham

More hills followed after lunch as we crossed the grain of The Chilterns with beautiful scenery all the way to Chesham.  After tea at Poppins we split up with some heading for North London and others returning to St Albans.  It had been a marvellous route.

Jon 05/06/2016

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