17 September 2016

17 Sep 2016: Saturday ride to Codicote

First off this weekend we had a Saturday morning jaunt from Hatfield to Codicote that took in the quiet lanes in and around Old Welwyn. Four of us attended this ride and we got a very nice comment from Geoff Reason, who thanked us for showing him how great cycling could be. I hadn’t seen him or Sue for about a year and in that time they had completed London-Brighton, a coast ride from Manchester to Blackpool and they had also done London – Paris. It was lovely hearing all about their adventures as we pootled about the lanes. 

The garden centre in Codicote is a nice little place that offers the usual fare at quite a nice price and was also playing host to a group from Ickleford.

The route back to Hatfield took in the farmer’s road between Whitwell and Kimpton; using this road gives a great view across the county and both fields that flanked either side of the road were jammed packed with cows basking in the sunshine. We headed over to Ballslough Hill and through Wheathampstead, then it a quick navigation of the lanes between Wheathampstead and Hatfield, taking in the lovely lane by Symondshyde Woods and we were back in great time after doing 21 miles.

Neil 17/09/2016

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