11 March 2017

11 Mar 2017: Saturday Fun Ride to Shenley

It was a great pleasure to start the Saturday morning rides again this year; we had 5 returning riders and 4 new riders making a total of 10 for a nice, easy paced ride taking in the wiggly lanes around St Albans.
Coffee outside at Shenley Tearooms

The point of this ride is to introduce different road conditions and see how riders fare and I have to say they all did extremely well. When we got to Drop Lane we had some fun, as a rider took a non-serious tumble and one of our new riders found they had a puncture. It was noted that as the lads sorted the puncture the lasses had a nice chat.


The weather couldn’t have been better: bright, sunny, not too chilly and in some parts quite warm. With stops included, the ride took a little over two hours and it was a really pleasant start to the year’s Saturday morning rides.

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