2 April 2017

04 Apr 2017: St Albans to Upper Sundon

It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning, only marred by a chilly and strong northerly wind. Pity really as our route was due north. Our first destination was Leighton Buzzard Garden Centre - quite a long way out so a fairly direct route for a bit until we had put some distance in.

Bou's new bike
It wasn't long before the strong head wind was sapping some of our natural vigour, but new rider Bou was having no trouble on his sparkly new light-weight machine. We skirted Studham and then Dagnall and Eaton Bray, then through picturesque Eggington to arrive in the garden centre cafe. Here Bou wanted to go directly home, as he wasn't used to doing longer distances. We persuaded him this was a bad idea as he was bound to get lost and really the onward journey was a sort of short cut. But we did take a shorter route to lunch at Upper Sundon, so called because it’s at the top of a extremely long and steep hill.

Downhill from here
After lunch by the pond and a drink in the Red Lion, the planned homeward route lay along Lilly Bottom with a stop at the regularly used Emily's. But instead we decided to take the cycle path through the centre of Luton with a very pleasant tea at the excellent cafe in Wheathampstead. Thanks for your company Bou and hope to see you again soon.


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