2 July 2017

02 July 2017: St Albans to Hughenden Valley

After last Sunday's excursion to the Essex coast, it was the opposite direction this time and into the Chiltern Hills. Not a whelk stall to be seen. It was a perfect day for cycling, bright, sunny, and not too hot.

We made our way across the Grand Union Canal and then to the lively descent and climb at Ley Hill - arrows both down and up. Dare you get enough speed up on the downhill bit to carry you up to the top of the climb? In my case - not likely.

Taking the narrow lane past Blackwells Farm we arrived in Chesham by the valley road. Poppins Café is a nice stop for a break - the place has been well refurbished. Here a group of riders decided that just a morning's ride suited them best, so they headed off for home. So it was a select band that continued.

We conferred (dithered) - the planned lunch stop seemed dauntingly far away and also up a hill - how about somewhere nearer? What about going to Missenden and then see? It wasn't very far, so we went further and tried the pub at Bryants Bottom. They were not doing any sandwiches. The Harrow at Hughenden Valley was though, so that was OK.

The Harrow at Hughenden Valley

Our return leg was past Great Missenden church, Little Pednor and a stop at the Mediterranean Garden Centre on the way. A great day's cycling in perfect conditions.

Richard 02/07/2017

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