21 September 2017

17 Sep 2017: St Albans to Silsoe

A small group of courageous travellers met at the war memorial where we welcomed a new rider John (already a member of CTC, or CUK as some would have it).

First off to first break, we took a nice winding route through the lanes around Wheathampstead, Mackerye End and Peter’s Green, climbing up and wending around the countryside. It was a sort of misty, damp affair and rather pleasant if truth be told. New guy John had no trouble in keeping up. At Break we alighted at the Tea Green Golf Club, resplendent with its adverts of Foot Golf and its crazy golf course. This place seemed more like a shack and I can imagine it being very cold in winter, but lovely in summer. The lass who served us was persuaded to do a bit of toast and beans for us, she was very helpful and it turned out we weren’t the only ones who wanted breakfast.
Neil's way of doing the Bedfordshire Knowledge
Now we generally meet a few people at break and today was no exception, Adrian and Geoff joined us as did Peter, who went to the wrong starting point, but he found us so all was well.

Now on to Silsoe, we headed out towards Cockernhoe and took the chalk hill to drop down into Lilley Bottom, from here we traversed a familiar route to Higham Gobion then we made our way to Pulloxhill via the Gravenhurst roads, utilising the local knowledge that Adrian had to offer, in fact he led this part of the ride. Geoff went up the A6 instead of taking the route to Pulloxhill.

The stop at Silsoe is pleasant and they give too much food, so two of us didn’t finish our lunches.
The ride to Emily’s involved re-tracing our route but carrying onto the A6 where we pootled up the side of said road on a path, passed through Barton-le-Clay and then it was back to a path beside the A6. We came off at Streatley and made our way along the length of Lilley Bottom to Emily’s in Whitwell. Along the way Geoff and Adrian peeled off to go home and Peter had to climb up back to Tea Green to collect his car. After break made our various ways back home. A lovely day’s ride.

Neil 17/09/2017

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