21 October 2017

21 Oct 2017: Blustery fun ride to Chipperfield

Four of us met at Morrison’s on Saturday morning and it was very blustery due to storm Brian (the second named storm to hit us this autumn). We chatted as to whether we should go ahead with ride and decided to go for it. We took a familiar straightforward route through the park and up along Bedmond Lane.

Storm Brian approaching the UK
One of our number had a bad back and was feeling the pinch and he persevered, but at Nash Mills he took the sensible decision to turn around, which left three of us to deal with the rather pleasant ascent that is Rucklers Lane. Going up this way afforded us some protection from the winds. We arrived at the garden centre in very good spirits; so good we decided to carry on with the ride instead of heading back the way we came.

So after a quick break we headed home via Chipperfield, Kings Langley and Tom’s Lane. Actually we were blown most of the way back with only one dodgy bit as it started to rain and get really blustery, but this passed rather quickly and the skies parted for a mo to give us some sunshine.

In all it was a pleasant, windy ride out.

Neil 21/10/2017

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