18 November 2017

18 Nov 2017: Fun ride to Hoddesdon

Undaunted by the wet forecast, three of us met in Hatfield for a slightly more challenging saunter around the lumpier bits of Hertfordshire. We set off for Welham Green, and took Bulls Lane over to the Great North Road, where David took charge of getting us over the rather busy road: there was traffic everywhere. Our route took us up Cum Cum Hill and via Cucumber Lane to Little Berkhamsted, then White Stubbs Lane before dropping down into Bayford.

Throughout this the countryside looked fantastic, a glorious display of reds, golds, fire oranges and some plants with deep reddish purple leaves.

We climbed up to Brickendon and here it started to drizzle and it didn’t stop; this was the kind of rain that got you very wet. We persevered and thoroughly enjoyed a trip through Broxbourne Woods, which looked splendid as it always does. By the time we got to Hoddesdon we were well and truly wet, not soaked but wet. So a nice hot coffee was the order of the day.

Our route back home was less hilly, but it was a steady climb for most of the way, we made our soggy way via Goose Green, Hertford, Hertingfordbury and WGC. By the time we got back to Hatfield we were all ready to head home. It was a lovely ride marred only by the rain.

One of our small number also made a personal best with his mileage and he had raised his seat a tad, which really made a difference to his ride.

Neil 18/11/2017

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