28 April 2018

28 Apr 2018: Fun ride to Stanborough Lakes

Thirteen riders attended the first Saturday fun ride of the year and Danny Smith (Radio Verulam), who wanted to take some photos for the Sustainable St Albans week, also joined us.

There was a nice spread of new and old faces along with three of Rona’s girls.

Before we set off a rider (whose bike had fallen over) found that her back wheel had popped off the frame. We quickly put it back on and in so doing we found her back disc brake was too tight, so we loosened it for her. This was appreciated a little further on as she commented on the ease of her cycling, thinking that she was very unfit beforehand.

We took the usual route down to Stanborough via the Alban Way.  I’m still amazed at how many people don’t know about this route. It’s only six miles to the coffee stop so it was a nice relaxed chatty ride. The weather was cold and it was threatening rain all the way. Due to the recent rain I chose to avoid Sherrards Park and the Ayot Green Way. We navigated Welwyn and made our way to Brockswood Lane - it goes past the golf club and has a cheeky hill.

We headed into Ayot St Peter and rode around the quiet lanes there eventually meeting the Codicote Road and making our way to Wheathampstead, from there we took a familiar route back to Sandridge. At Sandridge we took Sandridgebury Lane back to Marshalswick then navigated the streets back to the start. A very successful ride. 

Neil 28/04/2018

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