16 May 2018

12 May 2018: Hatfield-Hertford Fun Ride

Another perfect Spring day for cycling and we welcomed new rider Lorna from Harpenden on her first ride with us.  David, also from Harpenden had ridden to the start, as had Jon and Judy from Barnet. Neil was the only native Hatfield cyclist - where were all the others hiding?
By Mill Green Golf Course

It's always fun to guess which route Neil would take and today's was not exactly direct, but turned out to be a good choice as, once we had passed through WGC we were into some very scenic countryside around Tewin. This is very 'horsey' country and we took extreme care passing several riders on Tewin Hill, expecially as a recumbent was with us. Fortunately all of the horses were well behaved and calmed by Judy's soothing tones.
Archer's Green Lane, Tewin

We emerged on Winding Shott above Bramfield, with superb views from this elevated position and a lovely decent all the way into Hertford, where we diverted through a park by the River Beane and onto Hartham Common to avoid the long queues of traffic in the town centre.

Rose Cafe was as welcoming and popular as ever, and we soon found an outside table for a welcome break.  Then it was a more direct route back to Hatfield in time for lunch after a 22.6 mile circuit.

Jon 12/05/2018

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