3 June 2018

03 Jun 2018: Hatfield to Tawney Common

The forecast was for a hot and sunny day and five people were gathered at the start in Hatfield. The Roydon cafe Peter was heading for is a fair distance so we went along a direct route via Welham Green, Woodside and Broxbourne Woods before passing through Hoddesdon and Rye House.  On a summer morning, even the rather boring White Stubbs Lane was a joy to pedal along , as the trees gave lots of shade keeping the air cool.

We met new rider Mary at the cafe, and were pleased to see Jon there too. It's a great place on a sunny day, with good views over the marina and basic, but good-value food.
Waterside cafe Roydon
After the coffee stop we went along the fairly busy road towards Waltham Abbey, before taking the quiet route along the southern edge of Harlow, prior to getting into the pretty Essex countryside with its tiny lanes and plenty of thatch and pargeting to be seen. A particularly fine, newly thatched roof was seen en-route.

Although the Moletrap pub was very busy, we managed to get an outside table in the shade and, after prompt delivery of the sausage sandwiches and the smelly arrival of some antique motorbikes with similarly aged riders, we were on our way again by 2pm. Lunch discussion was about Brooks leather saddles, as Ronny had had his stolen so had just bought a new one. I tried to get a link to a recent Cycling Plus article which said they make 4500 saddles each week, but couldn't get one so here is a link instead to read about Brooks saddle history and heritage

After passing some beautiful roses, we made our way to Upshire church where the cake display was as good as it gets. After the tea stop we went into the Lea Valley park and left via Wharf Road, to nearly retrace our outward route via Wormley West End back towards Hatfield. Mary left us to go up the towpath back to Broxbourne.

We did about 68 miles on a very hot day.
Carol 03/06/2018

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